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Yttrium oxide Y2O3 99.999% for thermal spray coating powder

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  • MaterialY2O3
  • Payment TermsT/T
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Thermal Spray Coating OxidePowder: 

Maximum reliability through excellent wear protection, and chemical and thermal stability.

Oixde powders for thermal spraying form hard and wear resistant coating capable of protecting parts even at extreme temperatures. Furthermore, they can provide not only thermal but also electrical insulation.

Yttrium Cerium Zirconium oxide, Y 2.5%, Ce 25%, Zr 72.5%;

Yttrium oxide, Y2O3,  99.999%;

Yttrium Fluoride, YF3, 99.999%;

YSZ, Yttria stablized Zirconia (Y content;  8%-10%/20%);

Chromium oxide,  Cr2O3;

Aluminum oxide, Al2O3;

Al-Ti mixed;

Zirconium compound ...

Appearance:Agglomerated & Sintered, Spherical

Application: used in plasma spray coating, and much competitive agaist other company`s materials.