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Spherical Yttrium oxide - Plasma spray coating

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  • MaterialY2O3
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T
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Spherical yttrium oxide powder
belongs to the powder used in thermal spray technology and for preparing ceramic materials. It is a kind of agglomerated spherical powder having a sub-micron structure of the raw materials. The powder material is particularly suitable for thermal spray to make anti- corrosion coating for electronic or semiconductor devices.
Spherical yttrium oxide powder is a kind of functional materials, used in aviation, aerospace, atomic energy and high technology fields of ceramics and has shown its superior performance. It is mainly used in the manufacture of microwave magnetic materials and important materials for military use , and can be used as glass colorant, magnetic alloy, materials for laser technology, luminescence materials, permanent magnet and superconducting materials, also can be used in the manufacture of high temperature and strong heat-resistant alloy, aircraft nozzle etc.. In recent years, yttrium oxide powder obtained more and more applications in electronic industry, semiconductor industry, especially as coating materials in semiconductor etching machine to prevent plasma etch. The particle size of yttrium oxide powder and its purity level directly affect the quality and precision of its downstream products.

Normal Yttria:
it`s are mainly used in YAG, YSZ, Catalyst,or electronic chemicals.
Specially, the Spherical yttrium oxide 5N is showing good capability for using in LED field.
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Yttrium Oxide is used extensively in the plasma coating and transparent ceramic industry. There are two basic particle shapes that are desirable depending on the spraying equipment used: spherical and irregular. This material is the irregular shaped variety. We can get you the spherical powder if that will work better for your application. Many particle sizes are available so please contact us with your specific needs. Larger quantities with better prices are in stock.